Will you attend monthly meeting on 2nd Sunday at noon after COVID-19 allows group meetings again?
Were you aware we have Mentor guided activities for members
What do you enjoy the most about the meetings?
When we host another Living Art Exhibition at the Tucson Botanical Gardens in 2021, would you submit a plant for the show?
Interested in being an assistant to the mentors at Basic Bonsai Classes?
Would you be interested in additional Bonsai Training outside the monthly meetings?
Interested in becoming a Mentor (requires special certification)?
Have you 'Joined' the Tucson Bonsai Society Facebook page?
Would you be interested in attending Zoom Calls until we meet again in the fall?
Would you like to volunteer for a committee to help the club grow?

We appreciate your completion of our Survey to help us improve benefits to you, our members.  We look forward to seeing you and your bonsai trees at our next meeting.  

As you know, since the Covid pandemic, we have postponed our meetings until we feel it is safe.  We will be advising you through email and Facebook when our next meeting will be.  We would like feedback from you about when you would return to our 2nd Sunday of each month at The Women Club.  


If you have not 'Liked' our Facebook Page, please do so now.

Hoping you continue to enjoy your bonsai and that we will see you soon.

Cynthia Martin

Communications Director

Tucson Bonsai Society

(713) 857-6231