Guest Artist Workshops
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Lindsay Shiba was in Tucson for another of his fabulous workshops on Friday and Saturday, February 7 and 8, 2020.

Many members took advantage of his great expertise and signed up for the workshops. 

At our Sunday meeting on Feb. 9th, Lindsay gave us a lecture and demonstration on three different trees,  after which the trees were raffled. 

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Field Trips

Field trips to Gardner Canyon and Rosemont Canyon are sponsored in the fall and spring, for collection of Yamadori under permit.

Nursery Crawl

No upcoming dates scheduled at this time.  Check back later.

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Saturday, February 22, 2020 Workshop for members only in David's garage.  Mentors will be on hand to assist; bring as many plants as you want, of any size, untrained or trained material.  Potting mixes will be available for purchase, as will containers both new and used.  Ideal time for potting junipers and most evergreen species

Sunday, March 28, 2020 Special Workshop at Greg's home, "Planting a forest of elms on a slab".  Members only, advance registration required.