Tucson Bonsai Society Annual Calendar

(check back as we add a little each month)

July 11, Sunday, 12:00-3:00 PM - We will be holding our regular meeting at the Tucson Women's Club.  


Summer Care Revisited; Do's and Don'ts - Paul Vasquez, Mentor



May 16, Sunday, 12:00-3:00 PM - We will be holding our first regular meeting of the year at the Tucson Women's Club!


The program will be trees! YOUR TREES!!! Bring a 'Show and Tell' tree.  We want to know how you acquired it, what you do to keep it healthy, and any other knowledge that can share to help members learn)

Old trees, new trees, trees who survived the 113 temperatures in the summer, and trees that survived the December freeze.  I believe we all had to toughen up our knowledge on trees, did some google research, found wonderful training, blogs, and videos on how to care for our trees during our absence from the knowledgeable Mentors of our Society.  I know I lost a few, learned a lot, and saved some trees that flourished this past year in spite of not attending our meetings.


Due to distancing and health precautions

  1. Bring your own beverage in your own drinking glass (no refreshments will be available)

  2. Chairs will be set up 6 feet apart

  3. Masks are required